My ChurchSuite Launch and Information

What is ChurchSuite?

ChurchSuite is the app that lets you can see what’s going on in the life of our church, sign up to events, check rotas and lots more. We use ChurchSuite for our church database to let you know what's coming up and how you can get stuck in to church life during the week. All of our sign-ups are done through ChurchSuite, including our Groups and events, so it's a very useful tool if you want to become better connected.

Follow the instructions below to sign up to ChurchSuite, or click the button below if already registered.

How do I sign up?

You can access MyChurchSuite via the website or by searching for the ChurchSuite App in Google Play or App Store. If you would like to sign up to MyChurchSuite, all you need to do is follow some quick easy steps.

1 // Fill in a Connect Form

If you haven’t already received an email invitation (previous website members), you’ll first need to fill out a simple Connect Form.

Fill out the form in as much detail as you can. Your personal address, email and telephone number will not be shared, they are just to help us if we need to contact you directly.

You can also do this at the Connect Point before or after a Sunday service, just speak to a member of our Welcome Team.

2 // Register

Once you've submitted the Connect Form, we'll add your details onto ChurchSuite and send you an invitation via email and some useful information (if you were a member of our previous website, you will have already been sent an email invitation). 

Click the link on the invitation email to complete your registration - you’ll need to create a password.

Invite email.PNG

Logging in on a computer

Either log in at or on the ChurchSuite website. You will need to type ‘thekings’ (all one word) then select King’s Church Portsmouth from the search bar.


Enter your full email address and password to log in (make sure that the drop down bar is clicked on MyChurchSuite)

Logging in on the App

When you log in to ChurchSuite you will need to type ‘thekings’ (all one word) into the search bar then select King’s Church Portsmouth from the drop down options.

Enter your full email address and password to log in. 

How do I use it?

You should now be able to see upcoming events as well as your Groups and Team Rotas. By clicking on 'My Events' from the menu you can access the church calendar and scroll through to see what's happening in advance and sign up for events you're interested in. If you're part of the church and want to join a Group you can do this by clicking on 'My Groups'. 

All event sign-ups and ticket sales are done via MyChurchSuite. You can access this via the ChurchSuite app, our website or the ChurchSuite website.

Check out the MyChurchSuite User Guide for how to make the most of every part of the site.

Got Questions?

If you're still finding it tricky to get to grips with ChurchSuite feel free to ask a member of the Welcome Team on a Sunday or email

Kate Ayliffe