The church has a growing children’s and young people’s ministry. The Senior Leadership Team and Trustees take seriously their responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people entrusted to the church’s care.

As part of the mission, the church is committed to:

  • Listening to, relating effectively and valuing children and young people whilst ensuring their protection within church activities.

  • Encouraging and supporting parents/carers

  • Ensuring that children’s/youth workers are given support and training

  • Having a system for dealing with concerns about possible abuse

  • Maintaining good links with the statutory child care authorities

Areas Of Policy

The church recognises that many children and young people today are the victims of neglect, and physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The church takes seriously the following areas:

  • Responding to allegations of abuse, including those made against leaders or members of the church

  • Appointing children’s/youth workers

  • Supervision of activities and practice issues

  • Helping victims of abuse

  • Working with offenders

The church recognises the need to build constructive links with the childcare agencies. Accordingly, these guidelines have been prepared in consultation 31:8 (formally CCPAS) who hold a copy of our policy.

Safeguarding Coordinator

Our safeguarding coordinator Sam Hanson can be contacted by emailing